What do you want for Christmas this year? That question is the #1 question this time of year. However, the question I propose is, What type of gift giver are you? Are you the type who gives gifts that you believe others will enjoy; or, do you give gifts based on what others tell you they want?

    Too often, in business, we give our potential clients, clients, and employees what we believe they will like, instead of listening with the intent to give them what their heart’s desire. With Christmas being the time of year when people open their pocketbook willingly and freely, as a business owner, you must know a piece of the delicious money pie is yours. So, with wallets open, how will you transfer the money from their wallets to yours, while assuring everyone is a winner in the transaction? Of course, when it comes to employees, the objective is not to transfer money; instead, it is to show your appreciation for their hard work in increasing your profit margins. 

    Step 1: Ask them what they want.

    Step 2: Give them what they want.

    It really is that simple! When you assume you know what the customer needs, too often you will miss the mark and then sit flabbergasted as to why you didn’t close the deal, lost the client, or delivered below expectations. So, how do you go about asking everyone? I hypothesize that you utilize Facebook to promote your business. Perhaps you have a group or a page you operate, or even your personal page. Hence, create a poll asking your audience what they want.

    For example, I recently created a poll asking my clients, What can Transform give you for Christmas? The options I posted in the poll for them to choose from, based on what I am able to deliver, are:

    • A written review.
    • A video review.
    • A pampering item from Amazon.
    • A business item from Amazon.
    • A free book authored by me.
    • A fantastic deal on a program or academy.
    • A fantastic deal on coaching.
    • Bring value to your followers by teaching in your group.
    • Promote your business on our website.
    • A shout out on social media.
    • Purchase your product to send to my clients for Christmas.
    • Other. I will post in the comments.

    My Empire is more than likely different from your business. Consequently, my offerings may not be suited for you to offer. However, pay attention to the realm of offerings. Some will cost my company time, while others will cost money. It is vital you understand what your company can afford to offer, and then provide it. Just remember, give people choices. Each person is unique; therefore, their needs are different. This holiday season meet the needs of each individual to show them you genuinely value them; instead of putting yourself first by making it easier and sending out a mass gift item that is under appreciated. Remember, above all else, your clients want to know you value them…so, show them you do by giving them what they want.

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    1. molly miller
      molly miller says:

      These are wonderful tips to be sure your gift will be loved! It really is important to put some thought into your gift giving—in business and personal relationships!

    2. Rachel
      Rachel says:

      I love that you share how we need to find out from our audience what is important to them . Not just assume that we know. Really getting to know what they needs gives us a better understanding how we can assist or even direct them in the right direction


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