10 Things You Must Fear

Why do I want you to fear? Because, Fear is Your Friend. Think about it. We run from that which we fear. The problem is, most people fear the wrong fears. When you fear, what I call, Healthy Fears, success becomes yours. Read on, and I will prove it.

1. Allowing the Naysayers to Be Right

“You’re a joke!”
“You will never be successful.”
“Keep your day job.”

Hey, we have all heard it. The question that remains is, Do you want “them” to be right? The emotions that encompass us when we hear such statements as those above, are bad enough. Imagine the emotions that will torment your soul, if you allow the words of the naysayers to become your reality.

I encourage you to fear the naysayers. Fear that they will be right. When you embrace this fear, it will push you to prove them wrong…ultimately, creating your profound success.

2. Getting to The End of Your Life with Regrets

Picture your life at the age of eighty. You are laying on your bed as you remember the life you lived. Happy moments place a smile on your face, funny moments arouse a chuckle, and opportunities missed drop your gut to a place of sorrow. Your mind begins to race, I wish I would have. I should have. If only I did.

Fear this moment of regret. Fear the bed filled with thoughts of regrets that awaits you at the end of your life, if you don’t abort all the fears that hold you back. I assure you, when you fear your bed of regrets, you will run from it and be pushed into success.

3. Complacency 

Passion occupies you. You feel it. It’s there. It speaks to you. It scares you; yet excites you at the same time. It controls your dreams during the day, and will even arouse anxiety within you. You want it; yet your lack of belief keeps you from its embrace. Your thoughts say: I can’t. I’m not good enough. Who am I to pursue such passion? 

Fear staying in this place. Fear pushing your passions to the side. Fear living with a lingering passion that never comes to fruition. When you fear something, you will run from what you fear. So, fear complacency, and you will run away from it, and instead, run towards your passion.

4. Saying “No” to Your Dream

So, perhaps, you have embraced your passion—you have accepted it; but, have you said “Yes!” to it? You live with your passion, talk about your passion, play with your passion…but, have you said “Yes!” yet? When you merely play with your passion, you have a hobby. A hobby isn’t fruitful—giving you all the desires of your heart.

When you say “Yes!” to your dreams, you create an Empire. When you merely play with, or even worse, say “No!” to your dreams, you will never have enough time, never impact the lives of others on a scale that is needed, never have enough money to help those in need, and never have the level of excitement you could have when you say “Yes!” to your dream.

Can you imagine life being this way forever? Eek…scary!

5. Lack of Education

Those who learn, succeed. Furthermore, those who are lifelong learners, build Empires.  Therefore, the opposite is true. If you are not learning, you are not succeeding. You do want to be successful…Right? Anything you fear you run from; therefore, run from not being smart enough, and instead run towards intellect.

If you are just getting started, start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Begin by searching YouTube for topics that get you motivated to learn, to grow, and to apply. (HINT: Will Smith has amazing motivational videos on YouTube. Just search: Will Smith Motivational Videos.)

6. Never Reaching TIME

TIME is an acronym: Time, Impact, Money, Excitement. It is these elements that each and every one of use truly desire. Picture your life with not enough time, not enough impact, not enough money, and not enough excitement. Dreadful. Right? I have lived a life without these elements, and it was miserable, frustrating, and right down depressing. My fear of always being in that zone, is exactly what pushed me out of it.

When you fear staying in a place of “not enough”, you will work your ass off, and be determined to no longer reside there.

7. Not Being Successful

Oh my goodness! Can you imagine never being successful?! This sounds terribly scary to me! Imagine a life, where you never have time, impact, money, or excitement. Yuck! What is the purpose of life without those? Not being successful has scared me so greatly, that I ran from the mere thought of it, and ran right into my success–my Empire. The journey can be troublesome, but it is also liberating, exciting, and…well…freaking amazing! So, are you ready! Are you ready to fear not being successful? If so, fantastic; because, this means you are going to create your Empire! Congratulations!

8. Waking Up Miserable Every Day

Ring. Ring. Ring. Snooze. Ring. Ring. Ring. Snooze. Ring. Ring. Ring. “Okay! Okay! I’m up!” Rub the dust from your eyes, stub your toe heading to the shower, eat a bowl of stale Cheerios, fight traffic to get to work, succumb to an annoying and demanding boss, come home to do laundry, cook, clean, and be a taxi driver.

Need I say more?

This is no way to live. This isn’t fun, exciting, or fulfilling. This is a, Just Getting Through the Day, life.

Yes, I used to live this. I was miserable. The fear of that being my life every day, day-in-and-day-out, made me run from it, and run right into my success.

9. Perfection

I only know this one, because I was one. Perfection is the killer of dreams. “I can’t, because I’m not good enough yet.” That self-statement is exactly what will keep you from your success–your Empire. Perfection will instill anxiety inside of you, and ultimately, anxiety will seep from your every vein. What will they think of me? What if I make a mistake? What if I fail? Enough with all of that! They will think something of you–good, bad, and great! You will make a mistake. You will fail. It’s part of life. It’s part of being human. It’s part of building Empires.

Fear Perfection. Run from it. Perfection will keep you complacent; ultimately, stealing your dreams–your success–your Empire. Know that, Good is Good Enough to Get Started!

10. Not Taking Care of Yourself

Can you imagine waking up every day feeling tired, run down, and mentally and emotionally exhausted? OMG! That is scary! I have been there, and it was so frightening that I ran to the gym, ran to the health food store, and ran for the produce aisle. I couldn’t imagine living in such a debilitating state for my entire life. This caused me to fight. Fight to feel great. Fight to get my mojo back. Fight to regain my energy and sanity. Once accomplished, my Empire expanded.

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