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Let’s face it! Most entrepreneurs don’t have the budget for marketing… well, at least to market the correct way! Throwing a $100’s here and there, just won’t cut it. You might as well burn your money in the firepit. Over the years, I have tested which is most effective between word of mouth marketing and paying to market. All-in-all, word of mouth marketing has served me well! In fact, Transform has grown to 7 countries through word of mouth marketing.

Are people referring you? Do you have all the clients you want? Are you getting ideal clients? If not, this new academy I am creating is perfect for you! Through my journey I have collected all the ways that have helped Transform grow through word of mouth, and now I am giving them to you, for free… for now. For a limited time only, you will receive each lesson in your email, when you opt in. As I create a lesson, you will receive an email. To be honest, I am super busy, so I don’t know how often you will receive the lessons. You may get 3 a week, and then go a week without one; but, you will receive them. Over the next few months, I will be creating the lessons for you… consider yourself a test audience for this academy. Once all the lessons are created, this opt in will go away and the Academy will be provided to our members only, or for sale as a non Transform Mastermind member. So, if you want to learn how to make money without marketing, don’t wait!

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