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Show airs at 5pm (EST)(EDT) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Be a Guest on Unity Radio WUTY 97.9 FM

What You Should Know

The show consists of four 12-minute segments. Your spot, as a guest, will be segment three. We can record your segment whenever you are available. You must have a good-working microphone and stable internet. We recommend having your computer plugged into the internet instead of using WiFi. We record using Zoom, so please make sure zoom is installed on your computer. (You are not allowed to use your phone to record.) We do not tolerate tardiness, so please make sure to show up 5 minutes before your scheduled time with everything in working order. If you are selected to be a guest on the show, you will receive a phone call or email to set up your recording time, so please be sure to leave your phone number on the form below. You will be receiving a call from Transform’s business line 567-259-6454 or an email from Info@ETransformInternational.com so be sure to watch for us to contact you. We do not chase anyone and expect complete professionalism.

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